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Draconic Incarnation


Magus of the Eclipse

Divine Crusader

Exalted Angel

Unyielding Sentinel
Grandmaster of Flowers

Legendary Dreadnought

Shadow- dancer
Fury of the Wild

Primal Avatar

Shiradi Champion


  • 1 Access to epic destinies
  • 2 Epic initiation
  • 3 Available destiny trees
  • 4 Destiny Points
    • 4.1 Destiny Points from Past Lives
    • 4.2 Fate points
    • 4.3 Destiny Point totals
  • 5 Spending DP
  • 6 ED concepts
  • 7 Comparison to old system

As your character advances in epic experience and level, it gains Destiny Points (aka DP) which you can spend in epic destiny trees. Similar to heroic enhancements, epic destinies offer a huge variety of options to face the challenges at levels 20+.

Epic Destinies (ED) were introduced in Update 14 (as the progression system for epic levels) and overhauled in Update 51 (preparing for the introduction of legendary levels). If you were familiar with the old system, see here.

TIP: To view and compare the Epic Destinies on one page, read Update 51 Release Notes. Note that this does not include changes from subsequent updates, including the fairly major overhaul in Update 66.

Access to epic destinies[edit]

The first 12 epic destinies are available for free. If you purchased ED before Update 51, you receive a compensation. Destinies introduced later, starting with Machrotechnic in Update 60, are not free.

To modify your destinies, the default keyboard command is CTRL-E. Alternatively, you can talk to the epic trainer, Fatespinner, or select Epic Destinies from the main menu. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to access your EDs.

To drag your ED active abilities to hotbar, find them on your Character Sheet under the Destinies tab.

Epic initiation[edit]

When reaching epic levels for the first time, you are directed to the Fatespinner and a new public area called Junction of the Spheres, accessible from her dialog. This area contains NPCs that correspond to each destiny. Speak to those NPCs to unlock the destiny for this character permanently. This NPC will give you a description of the play styles that the tree supports, as well as serve a small part in a new, lightweight tutorial. You only need to do it once per character.

Available destiny trees[edit]

ED trees are grouped in 4 spheres:

  • Arcane sphere: Draconic Incarnation, Fatesinger, Machrotechnic, Magus of the Eclipse
  • Divine sphere: Divine Crusader, Exalted Angel, Unyielding Sentinel
  • Martial sphere: Grandmaster of Flowers, Legendary Dreadnought, Shadowdancer
  • Primal sphere: Fury of the Wild, Primal Avatar, Shiradi Champion

Destiny spheres have no immediate impact on your character. They become important when selecting Epic Past Life Feats, as you can activate one epic destiny past life stance per sphere.

Destiny Points[edit]

Your character gains 4 Destiny Points per level. You can receive additional DP from various sources, such as past lives or rare magical tomes.

  • Epic levels: 4 per level, up to a total of 40 DP.
  • Legendary levels: 4 per level. Currently, 2 levels are available, giving a total of 48DP earnable from leveling up (40 epic + 8 legendary.) This is expected to rise to a total of 56 with the level cap increase later this year, and eventually to 80DP when the level cap reaches 40.
  • Tome of Destiny - several types of these tomes exist that directly grant extra DP. Presently 3 different types are available.
  • Epic Completionist feat - 1 DP for every 12 past lives (up to 4 DP for 48 PLs)
  • 1 DP per 3 Fate Points - up to 20 DP available

Destiny Points from Past Lives[edit]

Epic Past Life Feats contribute to DP both directly and via Fate Points

  • Directly: 1 DP for every Epic Completionist Feat acquired, requiring 12 of the other Epic Past Life Feats. Epic Completionist can be acquired up to 4 times.
  • Fate Points: 1 DP per 3 Fate Points, 1 Fate Point per 3 Epic past lives = 1 DP per 9 of any Epic Past Life Feat. 54 standard Epic Past Life Feats can be acquired.
DP from Epic Past Lives
Past LivesDP (Fate)DP (Lives)Total DP

Fate points[edit]

Fate points (FP) serve as additional source of Destiny Points. You also gain +2 hit points and +1 spell points per FP. Fate points become active at level 20.

  • 39 FP for unlocking all trees (3 per tree)
  • Epic Past Life Feats: 3 feats for 1 FP (up to 18 FP for all 54 feats). Epic Completionist may DDO Forums contribute to this total, allowing for up to 1 additional FP with all 54 Epic Past Life Feats.
  • Up to 3 FP from Tome of Fate

Destiny Point totals[edit]

Fixed Destiny Points
SourceFate PointsDP
Epic Destiny trees3913
Tome of Fate +331
Tome of Destiny x3-3
Epic Past Lives186
Epic Completionist1DDO Forums4.66
Maximum total Destiny Points
Character LevelEpic levelsDP for levelMinimum (no tomes, Machrotechnic, past lives)Including tomes and MachrotechnicMaximum (with past lives)

More concisely:

Concise Destiny Points
Character LevelMinimum (no tomes, machrotechnic, past lives)Maximum (with all)

Spending DP[edit]

You can spend DP in up to three ED trees simultaneously. All characters can choose from the full set of epic trees, regardless of your heroic race or class.

Similar to heroic enhancement trees, epic trees have core abilities and tiered abilities. Higher cores and tiers have a DP and minimum level requirement.

As with heroic enhancement trees, you can't take Tier 5 enhancements in more than one tree.

AbilityMinimum levelMinimum DP
Core 1200
Core 2235
Core 32610
Core 43220
Core 5-632+TBD
AbilityMinimum levelMinimum DP
Tier 1200
Tier 2205
Tier 32310
Tier 42620
Tier 53030

ED concepts[edit]

The abilities in different trees usually stack. A couple of exceptions exist in caster trees - bonuses to Spell DCs from core enhancements won't stack, and you can't select the spell threat reductions in Exalted Angel and Magus of the Eclipse at the same time.
Epic mantles
Each ED tree has a mantle ability. While your character can take mantle abilities from different trees, you can have only one mantle active at a time.
Epic strikes
Each ED tree has one or more abilities designated as epic strikes. While your character can take epic strikes from different trees, all strikes share a cooldown.
Epic moments
In Tier 5 of each tree you will find an Epic Moment. Epic Moments are powerful abilities with a long cooldown. They can represent a significant amount of lategame power.

Comparison to old system[edit]

See Epic Destinies (Historical) for the state of Epic Destinies prior to Update 51.

If you were familiar with the ED system before Update 51, this section should help you understand the new system.

  • You no longer gain full ED power at level 20. You gain DP as you level and buy abilities in the trees gradually.
  • ED tree tiers are now level-gated.
  • Twists are gone (but you can spend points in up to 3 trees).
  • Karma: You no longer need to worry about Karma. You can select any epic past life once you reach level 30.
  • Magister is gone; there's a new tree Magus of the Eclipse.
  • You no longer need to level up your trees. Epic Destiny XP is gone and no longer a requirement for epic feats.
  • The original twelve trees are available for a fresh level 20 first-life character; no more unlocking. (Further Epic Destinies released after Update 51, such as Update 60's Machrotechnic, must be purchased.)
  • New concepts: epic mantles and epic strikes (see above)

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